Arthur Tomaszewski, DDS

Meet Dr. Tomaszewski

Dr. Tomaszewski spent his first 26 years in Michigan — a great state with abundant water activities, but also an area of extreme temperature changes. After dental school, he joined the Navy and was stationed in San Diego. The Navy provided him the opportunity to get extra dental training as well as travel around the Pacific Ocean to many interesting ports. After leaving the military, and because he enjoyed the California weather so much, he decided to stay.

He married Christine in 1993, a fellow classmate at the University of Detroit Dental School. They dated for seven years before getting married, mostly because they were both in the military and separated for long periods of time on different ships overseas. Christine practices at Memorial Hospital Dental Clinic.

They have two daughters. Victoria and Sarah. Both are graduates of Windsor High School. Vicki will be graduating from Sonoma State in December 2017.

Dr Tomaszewski has a passion for marathons Boston/NewYork 2015-Tokyo/Berlin 2016 Chicago 2017 and London 2018. Other than running he enjoys all outdoor sports and traveling with family.

dr and mrs tomaszewski
dr tomaszewski's daughters
dr tomaszewski's wife and daughter